Housemates Stay-At-Home Mac ‘n Cheese

The current stay-at-home mandate has ignited an abundance of creativity here at The Hut. Feeling inspired (and let’s face it, cooped-up) the housemates went to town on creating their stay-at-home, yet out-of-this world, skillet Mac ‘n Cheese. Housemate #1, who took the featured image photo shown below, has suggested renaming this dish to “the self-esteem destroyer.” 🤣


Anyway, here at The Hut, anything goes when it comes to cooking 😁

After their face mask-wearing trip to the grocery store, the bandits . . . er, I mean the housemates . . . soon sprang into action.

Sliced Jalapeños and chopped pepperoni were skillet fried.


Then, while noodles from two boxes of mac ‘n cheese bounced around in boiling water, hot ‘n spicy pork rinds and white cheddar cheese crackers were crumbled.


The housemates gathered other ingredients, as well.


I spy hot sauce!! 😋

Working together quickly and mostly in agreement (a difference of opinion sprang up every now and then), the housemates assembled their mac ‘n cheese masterpiece as follows:

The noodles were drained and returned to the pot. To the noodles, the housemates added one stick of butter, one-half cup of milk, two packs of cheese powder (from the mac ‘n cheese boxes) and a cup of shredded Monterey Jack cheese. Then, the jalapeños and pepperoni. Oh, and a generous sprinkling of hot sauce 🙏


This beautiful assembly of all kinds of things that are mostly not good for you (except the jalapeños? and hot sauce?) was then lovingly poured and scraped into a cast iron skillet.

More shredded Monterey Jack was sprinkled on top.


The crumbled white cheddar crackers were next in line.


A sprinkling of the crumbled pork rinds was the grand finale 👏


Watching carefully, the housemates then placed this masterpiece in the oven under the broiler to make the topping nice and crunchy.  This process took about 5 minutes or so.

And, voila! Here’s a photo of the first-ever, never-ever made before Housemates Stay-At-Home Mac ‘n Cheese!


This mac ‘n cheese is incredibly awesome, tasty, delicious and can be enjoyed all by itself . . .


Or, you can make yourself a grilled cheese  mac ‘n cheese.


Or, you might enjoy with some pan-fried Brussel sprouts (which then makes this a healthy immune-boosting meal, right?).


One Hut Mama gives this amazing dish a big thumbs up 👍 Great work housemates. Enjoy everyone!!

Please share your comments and let us know what you might do different? Or, let me know what you’re doing to pass the time while staying at home? If you’re not already, please follow this blog if you like!

As always, thank you for stopping by. Stay safe everyone! 😊


  1. Fun!! I’m sure it was a taste explosion. Your brother wants to know if you’re accepting applications for another roommate….my cooking is not quite as creative 😂


  2. Wow! That sounds, and looks good. I hope this quarantine doesn’t last too long.
    If it does, y’all may need to start wearing “comfy” clothes. We made bananas foster
    yesterday and the pastry, benaize? Very good. We didn’t do the flambe? part though.
    Darn it. Forgive the spelling.


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