Cinco de Mayo Salad with Honey Lime Vinaigrette

I was thinking about what would be fun to make for Cinco de Mayo, and since I’m kinda burnt out on beans right now, a fresh, crunchy, healthy salad sounded good. And if you know me, you know salads – like soups – are a favorite of mine to create and prepare.

So, after working all day yesterday in my work-from-home kitchen office from my stand-up desk at my kitchen counter 😆, I turned off my computer and went to work creating my Cinco de Mayo Salad with Honey Lime Vinaigrette. 😋

The first thing I did was skillet-toast some sweet corn.

4EC91F3E-6C99-45A9-8F93-72B8A85BFFAEAnd, while the corn was toasting, I prepared some red quinoa. While those were both cooking, I prepared the other ingredients for the salad. After the corn and red quinoa cooked and cooled, I assembled the salad ingredients as follows:


The ingredients are slivered red onion, peeled and chopped jicama, toasted sweet corn, chopped green onions,  chopped red pepper, cotija cheese and red quinoa. The other main ingredient I used that is not shown here is a 50-50 blend of organic baby spring mix and baby spinach 😋

I then made the honey lime vinaigrette:


And here is my recipe:

1/2 cup of good olive oil

1/4 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice

2 TBSP of honey

1 crushed garlic clove

1 tsp of mustard

salt and pepper

I combined the ingredients above in a small canning jar because it’s so easy to put a lid on it and save and use up the leftovers for a few days.

Here’s the salad during the assembly process:


And, here’s the finished salad once everything was tossed together:


Awww, ensalada de Cinco de Mayo es muy bonita!

This delicious salad includes so many things that are heart-healthy and good for our immune systems 👍❤️👍

In closing, and while hesitant to share at first, I confess I felt a little creative last night . . .


Isn’t that silly? A sombrero-wearing red chili pepper with peppercorn eyes. Oh geez you guys, the things I do to entertain myself 🙄

What are you doing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? I would love to hear about it!!

If you aren’t already, please follow my blog for more recipes and maybe a story or two 😊

As always, I’m keeping all of our health care workers and other essential, front-line workers close in my thoughts during these crazy times, “tiempos locos” ❤️


  1. Good morning Karla! Love this recipe!! I’m going to make it and will pass it on….like the idea of using lime in the dressing…You are defiantly creative.👏👏

    Hope to get together with you and Greg soon for a Socially Distant Drink on our deck.

    Still working from home?? Loving this beautiful Weather….Doing lots of garden projects!! Xxxx D Sent from my iPhone



    • Hi Dana! Thanks for commenting 😊 Yes, still working from home and am enjoying especially the extra time. We look forward to a get together in your stunningly beautiful backyard soon!!! ❤️


  2. Hello Karla,
    Your salad looks delicious, and like you, I am SO tired of beans! The girls have been around and we seem to eat beans a lot! So, this salad is one that I know I would enjoy and it is so healthy! Personally, I loved your little Mexican Pepper with the sombrero! How creative – just shows your wonderful personality! Miss you so much and look forward to talking soon.


  3. Yummy! I wish I put more energy into meal prep, but I’m lazy. An avocado, and a couple of hard boiled eggs after a workout, and I’m happy. Throw in a banana, and some ice cream, and a beer…
    Do enjoy making meals for family though. Look forward to seeing you Karla. Can’t wait for the next invite
    to enjoy one of your home cooked meals, without a mask 😉


    • Thanks for commenting Ron! Geez, I sure do miss everyone. Glad we were able to get together for our Family Fiesta in February! Just wondering, you mention ice cream and beer. . . have you ever tried a beer (stout) float? It’s a thing! ❤️


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